List of Handcrafted Creations for Adding A Lavish Touch to A Wedding


Jewellery and weddings are bound together just like the soul and the body. The bride and bridegroom are the centres of attraction on the occasion and everyone’s eyes are focused on the remarkable jewellery pieces that adorn her.

The customized and exquisitely handcrafted jewellery pieces glorify her personality and make her look and feel nothing less than a princess. In this article, we are going to take a look at all these lavish jewellery pieces that make this occasion a lot more glorious.

Kundan jewellery

The ancient renowned gold foil artwork of the Kundan jewellery piece is typical in a North Indian wedding ceremony. A rainbow collection of valuable gems with seamless harmony in creating elaborate gold necklace designs makes it the most gorgeous wedding jewellery design ever experienced. Let the delicate sparkle of single and uncut diamonds get improved by the vivacious hues of other valuable stones.

Solitaire ring

This ring is made using either one diamond or a combination of different kinds of diamonds. In single diamond rings, there is only one diamond present in making the ring design. This is the centerpiece of attraction for everyone. It is crafted in a way to make your jewellery appear spectacular.

If you like wearing diamond jewellery pieces, then it could be the best choice (especially for diamond necklace, rings, earrings & etc). Due to its stunning appearance, this jewellery piece also makes a wonderful gift for someone you adore.

Bewitching rings in Platinum and Gold, this intricately ornamented ring with impeccable diamond pieces seals the love that ties together. These remarkable jewellery pieces bring the groom and the bride along with their families closer for eternity.

Lesser known facts about handmade jewellery

What most people fail to understand is what makes handcrafted jewellery items largely considered as an investment rather than machine-made jewellery pieces. There are several reasons for it.

No machinery used

Handmade jewellery is purely created by the maker through their “hands”. The remarkable pieces are sawed, soldered, shaped and carved without any use of bulk producing tools and machinery.

The Worth of Time

As there are no tools and machines involved in making it, handcrafted jewellery items take a lot of time in producing just one piece of it.

The maker’s relationship

The maker develops a very close relationship with each and every design that is made by them. They put all their energy into making every single piece of it.


The value and quality of the materials used in creating handmade jewellery pieces are of premium quality. All these materials are sourced from reputable suppliers.


Jewellery makers of handcrafted jewellery are devoted to ethically sourced materials and sustainability.


Small scale production almost produces higher quality jewellery pieces due to its ability to control and track the procedure from beginning to end. This property is intrinsic throughout the production process.


So, the next time when you consider buying a handmade jewellery piece, do remember that every piece of it can serve as an investment. You are definitely going to feel good and proud about these mesmerizing pieces when you know that it is handmade with a lot of love and specialized artistic skills in making it.