Different Sorts of Bongs for Different Smoking Styles and Requirement

Every smoke shop has the best quality of smoking accessories like bongs, water pipes, e-cigarettes, CBD e-juice, rolling papers, hookahs, etc. Nowadays, bongs as well as water pipes are in demand because it gives decent hits and is quite durable. Water pipes are safe because large chambers are filled with water that also filters unwanted tar, and you receive cool and filtered smoke, which isn’t harmful to your throat and lungs.

Bongs and water pipes aren’t injurious to health, and therefore all smoke shops focus on displaying water pipes and bongs for sale. The Express smoke shop is an online site that provides a wide array of smoking and inhaling accessories. They may be new in this business, but their professionals are experienced and therefore the company is a leading business in this industry. Their office is in Florida, but they ship their products all over the US. The customers are always happy and wish to repurchase items because their products are durable as well as reasonable.

There are various sorts of bongs or water pipes available in the market. It becomes really difficult to choose the right type. However, one should remember that the product should suit your pocket. After that, two things should matter –

  • Material
  • Design


  • Metal bongs are in demand since they are affordable, but the metal used in bongs impact the taste of smoke, which makes it harsh. Moreover, they aren’t transparent because of which an inhaler is unable to determine the amount of herb used for smoking.
  • Glass bongs are durable and can be molded into any shape which makes it look stylish. Most of the bong accessories are made keeping in mind glass bongs.
  • Silicone bongs can be cleaned in a dishwasher that makes it safe and durable. However, they are smaller in size than glass bongs which leave less space for smoke, cooling, filtrations, etc.
  • Acrylic bongs are made of hard plastic therefore it cheap and can be replaced easily. However, they easily break than glass bongs therefore you frequently buy bongs, which is a waste of money.
  • Ceramic has been used for decades for smoking and therefore ceramic bongs are equally in demand. Ceramics are cheaper than glass bongs because it takes less effort in molding it to different shapes.
  • Apart from above all mentioned bongs, there are various ways of making bongs through household items, plastic, wood, bamboo, office tools, etc.


There are different kinds of designs available in a smoke shop. All are created keeping in mind the kinds of demographic that are attracted to it. Youngsters look for stylish bongs whereas middle-aged people always go for simple and classic pieces. There is a list of designs of various bongs that are mentioned below –

  • Beaker base
  • Straight tube
  • Percolator
  • Round base
  • Multi-chamber
  • Recycler
  • Bubblers
  • Zongs or Zigzag bongs
  • Scientific glass
  • Inline bongs
  • Dab rigs

You can also make bongs at home from cups, plastic bottles, recycled items, pens, etc. your requirements depend upon the type of herb and smoking style you prefer. As a beginner, it is always wise to read about all kinds of bongs online before making a decision.