Factors to Consider While Buying and Using Vitamin C Face Serum

Vitamin C protects against the damaging UV rays and brightens the dark spots. It can do a lot but depends on the kind of Vitamin face serum you choose, how you use, and where it is stored. To find out what works here is a checklist on how to choose Vitamin C serum.

Know the concentration

Consider your skin type – oily, dry, or sensitive, while choosing Vitamin C concentration. Generally, Vitamin C products are available in 10% to 20% of concentration, as this is a sufficient acidic level to penetrate through the epidermis.

People with sensitive or dry skin need to stick with 5% concentrations for less possibility of causing skin irritation. People with extra oily skin or extensive pigmentation problems can deal with high concentration. Remember after 20% of concentration, the effects start to plateau, so there is no requirement to go higher.

Store the serum properly

It is difficult to stabilize Vitamin C because when antioxidants get exposed to light and oxygen they start to break down. Within 6 months of opening the bottle, the content potency reduces to less than 2%.

The oxidized Vitamin C left can be irritating to your skin. Therefore, write the day you opened the package and use it within six months.

Ensure the packaging is right

On willowtrader.co.uk, you can buy face serum best brands at affordable rates. The serum is a better delivery method than cream because it is a water-soluble molecule. Buy Vitamin C serum in an opaque airtight bottle to avoid oxidization due to sunlight and oxygen.

Monitor your skin

You need to monitor the performance of the serum to see if it is doing the pigment diminishing and skin tightening job properly or not. In the first week, some dark spots will get a little lighter. It will seem like you just had exfoliation.

After 3 to 4 months you will see a noticeable change. If you feel that your skin is peeling or dry after using the serum, then the concentration is more, or you are allergic to an ingredient. You will need to find out the right formula for your skin.

When to use Vitamin C face serum?

To gain the most benefits of Vitamin C serums apply it in the morning. It doesn’t mean you cannot apply it any other time, but it is better in the morning because UV radiation is highest during the daytime. Vitamin C effects get reduced as it gets exposed to light.

Applying in the morning lets it get penetrated within the skin before you go out. There is no need to wait and allow the serum to get absorbed you are ready to go out.

Is Vitamin C safe? 

Generally, Vitamin C is well-tolerated and safe, but it can sting sensitive skin a little, especially when you use it on the day you exfoliated. Avoid using Vitamin C with retinol or benzoyl. Both work on the skin, but in a different way.

Using them simultaneously can be less effective. It is advised to use them on the same day but at different times. Use Vitamin C in the morning and retinol or benzoyl at night.